Wednesday, 5 September 2012


There's a man that lives in a cave which is on the right of the end of the tunnel. The world needs more characters like him.

New years eve, Kaap-se-hoop. An abandoned barn which the wild horses use as a scratch patch :)

Breaking all the "rules" with this image. Camera shake = expressive

Again breaking the "rules" and I love this dead tree!

Bike Rally, You wouldn't think Christians could cause so much ruckus.

Can you see the Fairy? Beautiful.

Dianna f+ 100m soft focus lens used on Nikon D200 body. Pretty cool :)

As the name says :)

Now if this is not exciting then I don't know what will be

Dianna f+ 100mm soft Focus lens again on my D200 body. The Tsitsikamma mountains.

The rising moon in Mountain Sanctuary Magaliesburg. Fun in the Moon.

Painting with Light is something I quite enjoy. Colour of light.

I'm going to make digital lomography a thing :)

I'm in love with the lomography sky

It does the soul wonders to just look up from time to time.

Cape Town. Stinky beach. Lomography, Digital.

Now believe me when I say that this is water. Broke the "rules" really well with this one.

If the ocean could speak it would start by saying "Fuck you all" and then wipe away all the negative with a positive Tsunami.

You are an Ass if you smoke "plumber butt"

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