Thursday, 9 August 2012

Street Photography

Images taken during my travels around South Africa, Europe and the U.K.

Skating through Johannesburg CBD every Sunday is something I really enjoy doing. It's not how you view the city that matters, its what you do with it that makes any significance.

The best town in Portugal, without a doubt or second guess, is Viana do Castelo. Awesome skate spots!

The streets are alleys and the homes open into them. This way the whole town is like a commune, only difference people respect each other in this "commune"

Cobblestone  Culture

Photography at night is a little bit tricky specially when you really dislike using flash outside the studio. I like the challenge of it and this cyclist also appreciated the fact that I didn't melt his brain with a burst of my flash.

Somethings just never get old unlike the dog, human and city. That's what like is about. It all comes down to LOVE

I watched this being erected and each time I drove past I imagined the image I would take of it. This is not how I imagined it but it is also exactly what I planned. Crazy is as Crazy does :)

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

I'm in love with the sky.

Someone looked into Medusa's eyes. Judging by her expression, she seemed unimpressed...

Funny how this is the first door I took an image of when I went on the trek this image comes from. The world is constantly talking to us, to you. Listen and don't believe it's something you will hear with your ears.

There is nowhere else in the world I have which has more glass in one block than London's banking world.
Seven hours spent in Doha airport waiting for connecting flight. Made it through :)
My Brother and his friend.
I really like the expression the man has. Anticipating something. So real.
Amazing how so many people are on the street during a working day. How do they survive in the most expensive city in Europe if not the World.
Thank you Bees for arranging yourselves so nicely for this image. Well done :)
Interesting city. Interesting people.
I can't help but wonder what she is listening to. It's the greatest mystery of this image.
With a city as flat as this, I would ride my skateboard everywhere.
Just hanging out waiting for better days.

I love this image and I think it could be my favourite one yet. The first image I took she was busy cleaning herself and the sound of the shutter caused her to have this expression and I love her face. Beautiful!! The graffiti worked out so it looks like a thought bubble coming from her head. A really wonderful meeting it was for me and I'll never forget my friend, Street Cat.

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